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1. Discover

Diagnose before prescribing

When you need to grow, it’s easy to feel forced to take drastic action too early, such as adding more sales hires to your team or spending heavily on digital advertising – both significant investments that come with a large amount of risk. 

We start by taking stock of where you’ve been, where you’re at now, and where you want to be, to understand, rather than assume what the problem is, before making any strategic or tactical recommendations.

Where to begin? Our Discovery process

Our simple Discovery process is designed to gather key information and data, and to lay the foundation for a clear, informed growth plan.

1. Listen

We explore your business and your current sales & marketing performance, goals and budget, so we can tailor our approach.

2. Understand

We use a blend of lean research and analysis methods on your industry, marketplace and competitors.

3. Prioritise

Alongside you, we identify which of your buyers, products and markets are most important and likely to deliver highest impact.

3. Validate

Speaking to your existing customers, we'll test our assumptions to ensure we start the next stage on a firm, informed foundation.

Activities in this stage

A selection of the activities we carry out in this stage. We tailor the mix of activities to your needs to the package that's right for you.

Market research & insight gathering

Up front research to develop an understanding of what motivates your customer

Digital marketing review

Analysis of your social media and website channels to discover opportunities for improvement

Sales pipeline analysis

How strong is your current pipeline? What's the strength of your historic client relationships? Where is your next sale coming from?

Customer profile review

We help you refine your existing customer profiles, or help you build some if none exist

Customer interviews

We talk to your customers to understand what they like and don't like about your service

Competitor analysis

Benchmark your marketing against your competition and examples of best-in-class

Sales maturity review

A review of your sales approach and process, to help you identify ways to improve effectiveness

Key outcomes

How your business will benefit from these services

  • Understand your business better
  • Benchmark your sales maturity
  • Have your existing systems and processes reviewed
  • Gain a trusted advisor to share your challenges
Our simple 3 stage approach

Explore the other stages:

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