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2. Define

Decide, focus, plan

Drawing on the wide range of insight and data gathered in the Discover stage , together we create a set of sales and marketing objectives designed to maximise impact.

These will identify who we are targeting, where to reach them, the content strategy to ignite curiosity and the technologies that will amplify your message. Importantly, we will also rule out many potential tactics to prevent distractions from reaching your goals.

Activities in this stage

A selection of the activities we carry out in this stage. We tailor the mix of activities to your needs and according to your chosen service plan.

Positioning strategy

The foundation of any business development strategy. Includes the establishment of a Value Proposition statement

Ideal client profiles & personas

Who are you targeting? What do they do? What are their pain points? How does your business make their lives better?

Prospect data sourcing

Source & verify quality contact data for your best potential customers

Campaign strategy

Develop a clear plan for a marketing campaign that will resonate with your target audience

Buyer-centric content creation

Ignite your prospects' curiosity to spark that initial conversation

Set up marketing technology

Identify and configure the right technologies that match your needs

Key outcomes

How your business will benefit from these services

  • Develop a clear growth strategy
  • Target your best customers with precision
  • Devise a content approach to engage them
  • Avoid wasting time trying to do too much
Our simple 3 stage approach

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