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Our team

A little about us
Adrian Hopper - Growth Director, Cernago

Adrian Hopper

Co-Founder/Growth Director
    Our Growth Director Adrian has delivered sales and revenue expertise for global businesses including Cadbury, Sky and various media startups. He brings a wealth of experience in crafting and deploying sales strategy that achieves tangible results.
    Ben Young - Design Director, Cernago

    Ben Young

    Co-Founder/Design Director
      Our Design Director Ben brings extensive design, technology and project delivery experience. He's delivered a wide range of UX, marketing and automation solutions for clients all over the world, across B2B, B2C, start-ups, government and non-profit.

      Our principles

      • We're agile and proactive.
      • We only succeed if our clients do.
      • We think in a way that’s relevant for you.
      • We are comfortable learning from the best.
      • We don't have all the answers, and that's ok.
      • We believe success is measured in £’s. Not views or likes.

      How do we do it?

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