How to Reach Your Ideal Customers Consistently


Creating a consistent sales message that attracts your best customer is hard.

For early-stage B2B companies on a limited budget, it’s even tougher as it usually means that the founder has to own this vital positioning.

The danger is that the output can be influenced by their natural bias towards talking about their product's great features and functionalities.

This means that your critical sales messaging does not best represent the solution you provide to your prospect's problems, and will therefore be in danger of simply being ignored.

In order to overcome this challenge one of the simplest ways to view B2B sales content is to focus on the concept that your prospective customer has both a business problem and a human problem which your product can solve - Find time to understand both of these / It’s difficult to do but critical to how you craft your prospecting message.

For example, the business problem could be;

“I need to win a hero client in order to help me raise investment”

With the human problem also being solved;

“...which would be great as it would mean I don’t have to burn through more of the family savings”

To spark an interest in your offering you could pose a simple, consistent question in all forms of your outreach such as;

“How would you feel about your business if you were to land your best client?”

This question could draw them towards starting a conversation on how you could help them to meet their wants, needs, hopes and dreams? (GAINS), and equally importantly, what potentially happens to them if they do nothing. What will that mean for their fears, frustrations, and anxieties? (PAINS).

Following this simple methodology will help you create a compelling flow of logic from phone & email scripts, to social media posting & commenting. I've found it to be the quickest & most efficient way to spark an idea into a conversation and finally into the shared ownership of a client's problem.

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