Fuel Your Campaigns With the Right Data


The cornerstone of any B2B Go-to-Market campaign is data. You can have your brand position, value proposition & buyer-centric content strategy nailed.


If you're not able to put your message in front of the right person because your data set is poor, the success of your campaign is at risk.

So, what are your options to ensure you have the right data sets to support your campaign?

  1. Create your own lists utilising existing data from your CRM. Be careful though, as it's estimated that 30% of all CRM data becomes invalid every year (Source Leadium) & this figure is sure to rise as a result of the amount of job changes during the pandemic
  2. Manually create your own lists utilising platforms such as Linked in Sales Navigator and Google to uncover the correct organisational contact details. Whilst time consuming, this way allows you to build out your own clean distribution lists
  3. If UK-based - Purchase GDPR compliant lists from trusted providers such as Cognism, Lusha.com, ALF Insight etc.
    Whilst more expensive, this approach works well for larger distribution lists & tactical campaigns that need to be delivered in a shorter time frame

Top Data Tips

  1. List building is easy once you have your ideal client profile & buyer persona absolutely nailed
  2. When you can define your own expertise it becomes obvious who you help
  3. As with most things in life, you get what you pay for. If you buy a dataset for as little as a couple of hundred £’s you shouldn’t be surprised to find out it contains a large number of inaccuracies

Finally - No matter how good your data set becomes, if you simply use it to send mass email spam with no consideration for ethical data usage, you risk significantly damaging your brand or even having your domain blacklisted.

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