Effective Knowledge Transfer in the Growing Business


B2B companies who want to transition from founder-led sales to a well-oiled growth machine face 2 knowledge transfer challenges;  

  1. How can you quickly and efficiently train your in-house/external sales and marketing teams to know as much as the founder knows?
  2. What can you do to extract the founder's start-up energy, vision, and values and instil them clearly into your sales and marketing collateral?

Without a process to unlock & transfer this knowledge, you risk the team not being able to communicate the value of your business solution

Ultimately, they will not be able to optimally execute against your opportunity.

One solution that works well in bridging this knowledge gap is a regular round of ‘founder interviews’.

Every week, the sales & marketing team pool their resources to collate their killer acquisition & retention questions which are pre-submitted to the founder and answered in a recorded 1-hour Q&A..  


  • How did our journey begin?
  • Why would our Ideal Client buy from us and not from competitor X?
  • Who has been our best client so far? What qualities made them such a great client?
  • What items will we not compromise on?
  • What case studies/white papers/blogs do we have to back up our claims that we are the best at Y service?
  • What is our future plan to help grow the business beyond what we are doing today?
  • What has success looked like for our customers beyond making money or saving time?
  • How likely are our customers to continue to use our service in 6 months' time?

The answers are recorded and then saved to a private video channel and shared with the team.

The benefits of following this process are;  

  1. By videoing the sessions, the founder gets to answer in an open and transparent way without feeling they have to play to the room
  2. They can schedule the interview well in advance and treat it as immovable
  3. The recordings can assist with the onboarding of new team members
  4. Bonus points for getting relevant chunks of the videos edited, subtitled, and utilised as assets for social media campaigns, blogs, website etc.

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