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When can I see results?

Diagnosis, then strategy, then action. These are the steps we take to build our clients' success. Once we have understood the root cause of the issues within your sales and marketing, we will be in a position to recommend a commercially sound solution that will create conversations with your target audience and in turn develop real sales opportunities.

Can you guarantee a return on my investment?

Despite what you may read on social media, there is no silver bullet in sales. Nothing is guaranteed, all we have are likelihoods and probabilities based on a set of systems and processes that have been refined over 20+ years.

Naturally, our clients expect to see a tangible performance improvement for their return on investment. Therefore one of our first tasks will be to work with you and your leadership team to establish a joint activity and revenue plan that is realistic and aligns with your P&L.

Will you be selling on our behalf?

Cernago is not a 100% outsourced sales team, rather we stand with you as a natural extension of your sales team. We provide an external team of specialists who complement your existing team, and who work with you to provide the capabilities needed to accelerate your momentum. We do this by building commercially sound campaigns that create conversations with more of your best clients.

Do you work on commission?

We keep the trust of our customers through a package pricing approach that's based upon a defined set of deliverables. It does not require further incentive for us to deliver them. We believe that way we build towards long-term relationships. That’s why we chose to have clear pricing on our website. Should you require specialist support with your sales, we are happy to tailor bespoke packages for your consideration.

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