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Attract and win more of your best clients

We combine digital marketing, design and commercial strategy to deliver fast, controlled growth for early-stage and scale-up companies.

Trusted by ambitious brands

Golf Club Media
Mizuno Golf Pairs Tour
Philips Professional Display Solutions
Solstice AV
Scotia Cabins
Traeger Grills

Do any of these sound like you?

Our sales and marketing teams aren't aligned

Sales believe our marketing plans are not linked to business outcomes, marketing believes sales doesn't follow up on leads

We feel we've no choice but to hire

There are sectors we could do more in, but our sales resource is too busy keeping up with the demands of our existing customer base

We are not seeing enough sales

We’ve made a significant investment into our marketing, but results continue to slide. What needs to change?

No one knows what we're doing

We know we've done good work, and we could do much more if only we were more visible and told our story better

We have no clear content strategy

We don't have a cohesive content plan that will engage our audience and generate opportunities to talk with them

We don't know our target accounts well enough

Our marketing materials and sales collateral don't talk to the real problems of our target buyers

How we help

Help you attract and win more of your best clients, who you can build long term commercial relationships with
Figure out why and how your clients buy from you so you can deliver relevant and impactful content
Create an engaging and persuasive online marketing campaign that speaks to your target client's needs
Deploy sales and marketing technologies to keep your prospects engaged until they're ready to buy
Streamline your growth engine with efficient systems, marketing automation, SEO and social media
Provide access to veteran commercial expertise, giving you new perspective without the risk of hiring

Learn how Cernago benefited these businesses

Customer story: Golf Club Media

Helping Golf Club Media reach new heights of prospecting

A one line summary of the challenge
From the outset of our engagement with Golf Club Media (GCM), we conducted small but powerful research sessions using a broad range of methods and tools including; Ideal Customer Profiling & Buyer Persona creation, Customer Interviews, and Buyer Journey Mapping.

From there, we were able to quickly identify the most compelling problems that GCM's target audience was facing. Using buyer-centric copy we designed and developed a suite of high-converting digital assets such as landing pages, insight brochures, and nurture emails that positioned GCM's offering as the antidote to the ICP top problems.
Increased revenue
Increase in pipeline value
Increase in pipeline value
Golf Club Media's powerful golf ball direct mail campaign
Cernago provided a perspective that was crucial in helping us to discover the bigger picture. They designed and built us a sales and marketing engine that perfectly aligns with our business objectives.
Ben Phillips, Founder, Golf Club Media
Ben Phillips
Operations Director, Golf Club Media

Customer stories

To celebrate the launch of the Philips High Bright LED, we created a dynamic campaign to amplify the launch to a targeted audience of retailers and system integrators.
  • Customer research and audience insights
  • Direct mail
  • Motion graphics
  • Landing page design & development
  • Lead generation and nurturing
“Cernago grasped our complex business needs and provided a valuable means to explore new markets at pace, supplying us with leads who want to talk to us.”
Martin Ware, UK Country Director, Philips professional displays
Martin Ware
UK Country Director
Philips professional displays
*Campaign recently launched - performance metrics to follow
When we first met Golf Club Media, they needed senior sales, marketing and design support across all areas of their business. From scratch and fast.
  • Content and social media marketing
  • Direct mail
  • Lead generation and nurturing
  • Marketing automation
  • Sales coaching
“Cernago was instrumental in launching our business. The team is truly considered an extension of ours”
Ben Phillips, Founder, Golf Club Media
Ben Phillips
Golf Club Media
Golf Club Media case study examples
Sales meetings generated
Return on investment
Traeger gave us a very clear objective. Create awareness of their incredible product range and deliver a significant number of qualified sales opportunities for their Scottish distribution partner.
  • Media planning and buying
  • Content marketing
  • Lead generation
  • Competition mechanic
  • Marketing automation
“Cernago took a creative approach to solving the problem of how we grow awareness of our products in the key Scottish market.”
Business Development ManagerTraeger Pellet Grills
Thomas Lavelle
Business Development Manager
Traeger Grills
Our Traeger Grills digital campaign
Qualified leads generated


Level up

What we'll do:

ex. VAT per month

Typical duration: 6-12 months

  • Breathe new life into your marketing strategy
  • Review and improve your sales process
  • Align your sales and marketing teams
  • Strategic consultancy
  • Research with your existing customers
  • Develop a clear campaign strategy
  • Benchmark against competitors
  • Source target contact data
  • Campaign landing page development
  • Design high converting marketing assets
  • Craft & deliver advertising campaigns
  • Email marketing content creation
  • Create customer-centric social content
  • Set up your marketing automation stack
  • Advertising creative and management
  • Creative outreach (e.g. direct mail)
  • Deploy Account-Based Marketing
  • 1-1 Social Sales Coaching
  • Generate qualified leads

How do we do it?

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